The Town Crier Digital Newspaper Archives Policy

The Board of Library Trustees endorse the American Library Association’s Interpretation of Library Bill of Rights as it pertains to Expurgation of Library Resources. Thereby, the Wilmington Memorial Library will not redact any information or remove any links to the digital archives of the Town Crier newspaper. The Wilmington Memorial Library is not responsible for the content of any materials which are in its collections, archives, online access, or other resources and is not liable for the accuracy of any information as reported in the digital newspaper archives of the Town Crier.  Per the Digital License Agreement between the Woburn Daily Times, owner of the Town Crier, and the Town of Wilmington, the “intellectual property” rests with the publisher. The availability of any such materials shall not constitute a republication of such materials by the Wilmington Memorial Library.

               Approved Board of Library Trustees 9/15/15

Town Crier Newspaper  Digital Archives

You can either browse by year or search for a term in the search box at the top. There are regular issues dating back to 1951, though some issues are as old as 1930. The newest issues are from last year.


Bond Photo Gallery

In this set are files which contain digital images of scanned glass photographic negatives from the late nineteenth/early twentieth century. These negatives were found in the Bond Collection, a collection of historic memorabilia assembled by Arthur T. Bond and purchased by the Town of Wilmington, MA in 1997.

The digital files were created by Bonny Smith, a member of the Wilmington Historical Commission in the early spring of 2005.

Durkee Photo Gallery

Photos of Wilmington circa early 1950’s taken by Wilmington resident, James Durkee.

Miscellaneous Photo Gallery

Photos of people and places related to the history of Wilmington.

High School Yearbooks, Town Reports, Persons Listed

With a federal grant, the Boston Public Library has digitized retrospective Wilmington High School Yearbooks, Town Annual Reports and Persons Listed (listing of registered voters). These town documents are available on the Internet Archive.